Saturday, May 14, 2016

Size 4 Skirt...Into Size Awesome Shirt!

It was a great day here at Casa de Flamingo...Went shooting at the new gun range in town and then ate some yummy Mexican food. Bought a new book, "Fight Like A Cornered Cat" all about concealed carry for the womens:)

Came home and worked on this beauty...

This is a size 4 skirt that I picked up for $3...I loved the pattern even though I knew it was too small for me.

And this is what is became...a beautiful crop top!  I do have to fix one sleeve, but other than that, I love it! I have a black tank top that I will wear underneath it, as it is a bit shorter than I am used to, but all in all, I'm pretty impressed at how well it came out. I used the infamous Dottie Angel 1080 pattern for the shirt and did not make any adjustments as far as darts etc. If I make another one (and I probably will), I will put the bias tape on the sleeves BEFORE I sew it up...I think it would be easier that way.

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