Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Upcycled Onesie Into Tshirt and Boy Short For Dolly

A Little Onesie Upcycle...

It has been super busy here with packing and planning and planning and packing. We close on our new house October 13th! I'm so excited!

I did take a little time today to do some sewing. Last week, I stopped by a children's consignment store next to the grocery store were I shop. I had never been there and thought it might be worth a look. I'm sooo glad I did!!! They had onesies on sale for 50 cents each!!! I bought 14 that I thought would translate well into dolly clothes.  I have found several tutorials online on how to turn these into doll shirts and nightgowns.

Here is the before...

Just a simple chop...
I cut just in the middle of the onesie... and add a couple of hems and some elastic...

and a tiny pink bow...
and now Joy has a cool new cupcake shirt and cool boy shorts to sport...all for 50 cents!!!

Sew cute!
The tutorials I have found just state to cut the top part of the onesie for the shirt and to discard the rest...but I couldn't waste the bottom part like that so I sewed the crotch area just above the snaps (and cut them off) and made a 1/2 inch casing for 1/4 inch elastic, sized to fit the doll. You could definitely use fold over elastic as well.

The "lettuce" edge on the bottom of the shirt is the easiest way to hem. Set your machine to a large zig-zag stitch, and stretch the bottom of the shirt as you catch the edge of it with the zig zag stitch...this creates that ruffle-y look. You can use this technique on any knit material. You can also do a regular hem as well.

A few tips:

Look for onesies that have neat details such as embroidery, edging, small prints that are not "baby-ish".

Newborn size is the perfect size for tshirts! You can use bigger onesies for night gowns and dresses, but most likely you will have to take them in on the sides and around the arm areas.

Newborn size socks fit the doll perfect as you can see above.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Simplicity 4347 in Yellow Gingham

This is my current situation! I'm making View A from Simplicity 4347 in some vintage yellow gingham I picked up from the thrift shop a few months ago... I'm totally loving the vintage plastic yellow buttons I found in my button stash and the eyelet lace was actually gathered but I think it looks better flat.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A New Direction...Update!!!

There have been soooo many changes at Ye Olde Trailer Park...

The first and biggest change...We are buying a HOUSE!!! With a YARD!!! and places to garden!!! And soon we will be adopting a CAT!!! I cannot wait!!! Our offer was accepted today, so now we are waiting on appraisal and inspection...I am beyond excited! I will be posting updates and etc...so stay tuned!

It has been a year since I have set up my Etsy shop...my biggest sellers were my upcycled bracelets. I believe I will still make and sell them.

I have fast been sucked into the 18 inch doll craze...not the American Girl doll...but I did buy the Our Generation doll from Target. This is Joy...she is a "Retro" doll...

We have a lot of fun. I sew her cool clothes and she models them...this is the first thing we made...it is a maxi dress made from a child's skirt...It was completed in about 15 minutes. I was super pleased how well it turned out.