Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Reset" by Nick Hall

"Reset" by Nick Hall is part of a movement for a new generation.  Everyday, young adults (and older people too) are bombarded by peer groups, social media and celebrities setting unrealistic standards that offer only unhappiness and emptiness. Sin is fun, but only for a season and then you are left, empty and alone. It's time for a Reset!  Written by a young man, who is on fire for Christ, "Reset" is fresh and relevant!  Nick Hall endearingly shares the troubling stories of the people he has witnessed to and the changes that he sees, while also sharing his own personal stories and struggles. The first part of his book chronicles his testimony and his ministry. The second part of the book offers advice and real suggestions that you can incorporate in your life so you can experience your own spiritual reset. This is a great book for high school-ers, college kids and young adults, I could see it being an amazing youth group study as well. I enjoyed this book tremendously and feel that the topics covered; renewing faith, making the right kind of friends, sexual purity are very important subjects for today's youths and need to be spoken about openly and earnestly which Hall has accomplished.

What will you ask Jesus to reset in your life today?

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I received this book, from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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