Saturday, September 10, 2016

A New Direction...Update!!!

There have been soooo many changes at Ye Olde Trailer Park...

The first and biggest change...We are buying a HOUSE!!! With a YARD!!! and places to garden!!! And soon we will be adopting a CAT!!! I cannot wait!!! Our offer was accepted today, so now we are waiting on appraisal and inspection...I am beyond excited! I will be posting updates and stay tuned!

It has been a year since I have set up my Etsy biggest sellers were my upcycled bracelets. I believe I will still make and sell them.

I have fast been sucked into the 18 inch doll craze...not the American Girl doll...but I did buy the Our Generation doll from Target. This is Joy...she is a "Retro" doll...

We have a lot of fun. I sew her cool clothes and she models them...this is the first thing we is a maxi dress made from a child's skirt...It was completed in about 15 minutes. I was super pleased how well it turned out.


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