Monday, June 6, 2016

NKJV Teen Study Bible

This is the first Bible that I have reviewed for specifically for teenagers and I am impressed! Thinking back to my youth group days when I was a teen, this Bible would have been a God-send!!! As a teenager and young adult, I did not have a very good understanding of the Word or of God, but through careful Bible study, I was able to develop a relationship with our Lord. This Bible fills in the gaps. It begins with the Apostle's creed or "What and Why We Believe" and follows each statement of the Apostle's creed with the scripture in which it can be found in the "We Believe" sections.  The "Panorama" section helps us remember the big picture of  each book of the Bible.  Is the Bible still relevant to the problems that you face as a young person? Find out in the "To The Point" feature! "Dear Jordan" is like a trusted older friend who gives wise counsel in letters through out this Bible. "Instant Access" also gives solutions that help in every day situations that we may encounter. The "Bible Promises" feature are small gold nuggets found in the scriptures to give us hope and inspire us. Trivia is also presented in the "Q&A" feature found in each book.  With introductions for each book of the Bible and two great Bible study indexes, this is the perfect Bible for a new believer.

Disclaimer: This book provided for free, by the publisher, in exchange for an un-biased review.

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